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5 things great leaders do every day

5 things great leaders do every day

1) Communicate effortlessly
– They make it relevant, meaningful and two way. They adapt their style and approach to match the recipient – They are “communication adaptors”.

2) Foster trust
– The authentic leader creates an open and honest environment where people can act and behave without fear. Trust doesn’t have to be earned; it can be cultivated by leaders.

3) Live & breath their vision
– For the congruent leader, everything they do and every action they take is aligned to their vision and strategy. It’s just how it is, great leaders don’t deviate from their vision

4) Create a sense of urgency
– The urgency they display as leaders is structured, planned, supported and wrapped with great intention. This creates real change. It’s a fine line between urgency and panic

5) Say thank you
– There are dozens of things, worthy of thanks in a leader’s day; great leaders celebrate every time somebody has done what expected and also when it’s unexpected. They starting with a thank you. It’s the most underused form of recognition; great leaders recognise it’s the most effective.

Steve Rush

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