Scope - Design - Deliver


Our philosophy at Improov Consulting is; “Our agenda is simply your agenda.”



Your specific needs

Our approach to ensure we provide you with a bespoke solution is very logical, however many organisations fail to recognise the simplicity: We start with a blank page, we establish from the outset what it is you specifically want to achieve, who needs to be involved and over what period of time you would like to see the desired change or results. Understanding you or your business is where we start.



Outcome-focused solution

Our solutions will be scoped thoroughly with you to ensure we can understand all factors that may potentially impact on your desired outcome; we include that in our plans and then start with the end in mind.




Our designers will design a solution with you that fit the parameters that will be a driving factor such as time or budget and essentially we work on the basis to help you be clear what your “return” on your investment will be from the outset and that the solution is the most appropriate method for you to achieve what you require.




We will work with you to ensure you or your organisation receive a world class experience through a range of group lead training sessions, workshops, programmes or team building events through our team of highly experienced consultants. If time is of the essence, then we can deliver one of our espresso sessions, these are typically an hour long, that are short and effective that can be also delivered as part of a programme or stand alone. We will also work with you on a one on one basis of coaching, training or discovery programmes.


If you’re interested in finding out more about our consultancy, facilitation and training, let’s talk!

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