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Invest in your Leadership Development and watch the ripple effect!

A strength demonstrated by great leaders is they all are agile enough to develop and adapt in a changing world. Not only are they able to adapt their business acumen to the commercial world they operate in, they also demonstrate an ability to grow their knowledge, skills and capability. 

A bi-product of this leadership agility and self awareness in developing themselves is they keep hold of the team of individuals that they lead, their direct reports. Great teams share consistency and longevity as they grow together. They learn from one another about the strengths they each possess. With the same agile leadership, the leader is able to maximize the team dynamics by playing to those strengths and capitalize on their experience and styles of each team member. Based on my research and experience, the greatest gift any leader can give is the gift of learning.  Developing your team is a sure fire way of retaining and indeed recruiting talented people.

This is also where leaders will need to be bold. It is inevitable that if we do sponsor the development of others, It’s likely that at some point in their own right may match or even become a greater and more effective leader than you, and that’s a good thing.

The ripple effect drives positive behaviour through every level of your organization

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