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The Leadership Nomad

Kyle Hegarty is the founder and CEO of Leadership Nomad, he’s coach, speaker and a marketing expert also the author of The Accidental Business Nomad. In this episode we can learn about:

  • How to lead in a shrinking world
  • Invisible culture can trip us all up
  • Local geographical cultural awareness is so key global success
  • Global communication styles differ, adapt or else.

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Whirlpools and Swagger

Claire Chandler is the president and founder of Talent Boost, a business growth and strategic leadership advisor and also the Author of The Whirlpool Effect. You will learn from Claire in this show:

  • How to create your leadership whirlpool
  • How to discover your profitable swagger
  • Why your “mission” is so important
  • How to spot and fix your “churn symptoms.”
  • Plus lots more hacks!

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The Leadership Decade

Buddy Hobart is the founder and President at Solutions 21; he’s an entrepreneur, speaker, and author of  Gen Y Now, Experience Matters, and just launched his latest book, “The Leadership Decade”. You can learn from Buddy:

  • How our biases can prevent great leadership
  • Why our new era of leadership may need new thinking
  • Context and “Why” are a key leadership tool
  • Why business owners need to shift their mindset from expense to investment.

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