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Positive Influence Leadership

Glenn Parker is an internationally recognized facilitator and leadership development expert having authored 16 books; joined too by his son, Michael Parker, Managing Director of Rockefeller Capital Management. Between them they wrote the best-selling book: Positive Influence leader. In this show learn about:

  • What a positive influence leader is
  • The four types/styles of a positive influence leader
  • How negative experiences can still be a positive influence
  • Why self-awareness is a massive contributor to positive influence

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The Leadership Hacker News

Steve Rush: In the news today, we’re going to consider the notion of influence and feeling positive.… Continue Reading

Conscious Leadership

Dan Berger is an economist and leadership expert. He’s also President the CEO of NAFCU, The National Association of Federally Insured Credit Unions. There are some great hacks and lessons from Dan including:

  • How focusing on culture and wellbeing drives results
  • Why hiring slow and we firing fast stimulate the right attitude and supports aptitude
  • Sharing more of who you are builds relationships (including on his Harley Davidson)
  • Be thoughtful how people receive your communication especially electronically

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The Leadership Hacker News

Steve Rush: Most of us would agree that empathy is an essential ingredient in leadership.… Continue Reading

Metamorphic Leadership

Evan Smith is the principal and CEO of Metamorphosis Management Group. He’s a catalyst, trusted advisor and coach to senior leaders. In this show you can learn lots of practical change ideas and leadership hacks including:

  • How the pace of change is unlikely to slow down
  • Why comfort stifles curiosity and creativity
  • The importance of shifting conventional thinking
  • Why compassion is essential for future change leadership

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The Leadership Hacker News

Steve Rush: For many of us, 2021 feels really hopeful.… Continue Reading

To be courageous you need action!

Courage is a prerequisite for truly great leadership.  While it has many faces, at the heart of courageous leadership is the willingness to take action amid uncertainty; to do what is right over what’s expected and to risk failing and falling short in the process.

The reason is unless leaders are willing to lay our psychological safety (i.e. pride and power) on the line for the sake of those we serve, no amount of brilliance or showmanship will suffice.

One such leader who demonstrated courage was Reid Hoffman co-founder of LinkedIn.… Continue Reading

The Leadership Decade

Buddy Hobart is the founder and President at Solutions 21; he’s an entrepreneur, speaker, and author of  Gen Y Now, Experience Matters, and just launched his latest book, “The Leadership Decade”. You can learn from Buddy:

  • How our biases can prevent great leadership
  • Why our new era of leadership may need new thinking
  • Context and “Why” are a key leadership tool
  • Why business owners need to shift their mindset from expense to investment.

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Relentless ImprOOVment

Preston Weekes is the Co-author of, “How To Be Up In Down Times” he’s a business builder, an entrepreneur and Chief Strategy Officer/ Co-founder of Operations X. We can learn this from Preston in today’s show:

  • How your passion can become your career
  • How outsourcing can support your virtual working even more
  • Explore soul tips, mind tips and body tips
  • The power of relentless improvement

Podcast Transcript.

Steve Rush: I’m joined on the show today by Preston Weekes. He’s an author, a business builder, an entrepreneur.… Continue Reading

Drive Your Career

Steve Rush: Joining me on the show today is Ed Evarts. He is a leadership and team coach. He is the podcast host for Being Brave at Work, and he is a author of his new book. Drive Your Career, 9 High Impact Ways to Take Responsibility of Your Own Success. Ed, welcome to The Leadership Hacker Podcast.


Ed Evarts: Thanks Steve. It is great to be here.


Steve Rush: So it is always great to get a fellow podcast host on the show too.… Continue Reading

Human Being not Human Doing

Steve Rush: Joining me on the show today is Ben Renshaw. Ben is a thought leader who specializes in purpose led cultures. He is a speaker and author of nine books. The latest is called Being, which is a practical playbook for leading in the age of fast change. Ben, welcome to the Leadership Hacker Podcast.


Ben Renshaw: Steve, great to be together. Thank you very much.


Steve Rush: I am really intrigued in your backstory and how you’ve arrived here and I wondered for our listeners perspective, you can give them a little sense of how you’ve arrived here.… Continue Reading

The Indispensable Leader


Bruce Tulgan is the founder and CEO of Rainmaker Thinking Inc. He is a prolific writer, having published over 21 books, including his latest book, The Art of Being Indispensable at Work. In this episode learn from Bruce:

  • How to be the go-to person and not get overwhelmed
  • Avoid over commitment syndrome
  • Know when to say yes and when to say no
  • Get yourself a go-to-ism and think like a go to person.

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