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Positive Influence Leadership

Glenn Parker is an internationally recognized facilitator and leadership development expert having authored 16 books; joined too by his son, Michael Parker, Managing Director of Rockefeller Capital Management. Between them they wrote the best-selling book: Positive Influence leader. In this show learn about:

  • What a positive influence leader is
  • The four types/styles of a positive influence leader
  • How negative experiences can still be a positive influence
  • Why self-awareness is a massive contributor to positive influence

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The Leadership Hacker News

Steve Rush: In the news today, we’re going to consider the notion of influence and feeling positive.… Continue Reading

Conscious Leadership

Dan Berger is an economist and leadership expert. He’s also President the CEO of NAFCU, The National Association of Federally Insured Credit Unions. There are some great hacks and lessons from Dan including:

  • How focusing on culture and wellbeing drives results
  • Why hiring slow and we firing fast stimulate the right attitude and supports aptitude
  • Sharing more of who you are builds relationships (including on his Harley Davidson)
  • Be thoughtful how people receive your communication especially electronically

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The Leadership Hacker News

Steve Rush: Most of us would agree that empathy is an essential ingredient in leadership.… Continue Reading

Metamorphic Leadership

Evan Smith is the principal and CEO of Metamorphosis Management Group. He’s a catalyst, trusted advisor and coach to senior leaders. In this show you can learn lots of practical change ideas and leadership hacks including:

  • How the pace of change is unlikely to slow down
  • Why comfort stifles curiosity and creativity
  • The importance of shifting conventional thinking
  • Why compassion is essential for future change leadership

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The Leadership Hacker News

Steve Rush: For many of us, 2021 feels really hopeful.… Continue Reading

The Leadership Athlete

Nicole Soames is a best-selling author of four business books, she’s also the CEO of Diadem Performance, in this show we how to reframe your role as a leadership athlete. Some great learning including:

  • Why there is nothing “soft” about soft skills
  • Explore the characteristics of a commercial athlete?
  • The difference between Influencing and negotiation
  • The three hats of the Leader – Manage, Lead and Coach

Music: ” Upbeat Party ” by Scott Holmes courtesy of the Free Music Archive FMA

Transcript:Thanks to Jermaine Pinto at JRP Transcribing for being our Partner.… Continue Reading

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