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The Leadership Hacker Goes Live In March 2020

The Leadership Hacker Goes Live In March 2020


Steve Rush, Author of his best selling book, Leadership Cake, Transformation Consultant and Leadership Coach gets set to take on his latest adventure as a Podcaster and Broadcaster.

After experiencing success as an author who has been featured in numerous global magazines and papers, was about to put pen to paper to write his latest book when he was stopped in his track by considering his motivation. When he drilled into his goals, it suddenly dawned on him that by collaborating with other authors, c-suite executives and leadership development guru’s he could get more leadership learning out to more people than was just in his head.

Steve says, “I’m no broadcaster – YET, but I recognise when we get comfortable or complacent with our ideas and behaviours, then that’s absolutely the right time to push our boundaries and try something new – that’s why I’m pushing my boundaries now too.”

Steve has already recorded his first few shows and is getting his launch ready for early March; where listeners can obtain great leadership hacks, ideas and advice from some of the worlds best leadership experts.

You will be able to download The Leadership Hacker Podcast from many Podcast Hosts including Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Tunein and Stitcher to name but a few.

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