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The Leadership Hacker Podcast is now live!

Hacking into the minds of great leaders globally

  • Episode 1 – The Leadership Hacker -Hack Away

  • Episode 2 – Let the Doers be the deciders with David Marquet

  • Episode 3 – Self Leadership with Andrew Bryant

The Leadership Cake Guy, Steve Rush has turned author to Podcaster with his brand new show, The Leadership Hacker Podcast.

Steve was about to put pen to paper to start on his next book, when he realised that he was only hacking into his mind. “How can I hack in to the minds of my following and fellow leadership experts through my network and share even more Ideas and help even more people?”, claimed Steve. That’s when he came up with the idea to start a community of Leadership Hackers via a Podcast.

Steve was a successful business leader before pivoting his career to share his leadership and transformation lessons with other CEO’s and teams as a facilitator, speaker and coach. Since the launch of his book, he’s gone on to lecture and inspire thousands of leaders at all levels all over the world. Now he’s set to dominate the New and Noteworthy Podcast chart, gathering global best-selling authors, c-suite executives and leadership development coaches and hack into their ideas, tips and insights in the service of helping other leaders and managers grow.

The Leadership Hacker Podcast launched with three episodes; The first included a selection of very successful leaders/ authors and coaches who shared their top leadership hacks as a sample of what’s to come. Best-selling Author and retired US Navy Captain, David Marquet, who shot to fame with his first book, Turn The Ship Around, shared some stories from his latest best seller, Leadership is Language and was joined, on separate episodes by another Best-selling Author, Andrew Bryant, who became renowned for his research and his globally available book, Self-Leadership.

When asked how he felt about the new podcast, Steve said, “I’m incredibly excited to be a new podcaster, I’m learning every day and it’s not the perfect product yet, but just being able to share great stories and leadership lessons from internationally recognised individuals through this medium is just amazing”. The leadership Hacker Podcast plans to have six episodes published in the first month, and then will run a regular cadence of fortnightly shows.

If you want to listen in, you can find The Leadership Hacker Podcast on most Podcast Platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Podbean.


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