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What does it take to beat the global financial crisis?

What does it take to beat the global financial crisis? Most individuals are happy blaming banks or lack of credit available… as a consultant I believe great staff and executives who can lead drive though any crisis.
The answer is simple… the reason we are where we are; is that most employers and executives have allowed, over time, mediocrity to set in their organisation along with complacency, and inefficiency which impacts on all staffs morale. Well if you all drink the same poison drink… you get sick too. Staff who are not engaged in your business cripple productivity, which damages reputation, brand and of obviously then bottom line income & revenue. When business revenues fall… businesses look to other means to improve the cost income ratio jaws, such as reducing staff, cutting back and borrowing more. The consequence of which is that over time without creative intervention the business fails, having a knock on effect to your local, national and global economic position.

I have worked with many senior executives, there is another common error during times where we spot a “bad” employee during tough times, get rid of them and replace them; right?…. WRONG, well somebody hired them against a probable set of competencies, because these tenacious, hungry and energetic “hires” then start to drink from the same poison drinks and over time; history repeats itself once more… and so the answer is? Steve; I hear you cry.

The Answer lay within a model that I designed by accident whilst working as a senior executive in a blue chip organisation… so much so, it became a predictable mantra from my leadership team.


STANDARDS – Be really crystal clear as to what your standards are with your team, their behaviours, results, people development, training, how they support their customers. This building block is essential to ensure that people really do understand what you expect – then be restless every day to ensure that your team are working as close as they can to these standards with your support.

EXPECTATIONS – First the “What’s” and now the “How’s”, How will you behave with all of the people, customers and stakeholders that you interact with? How will you deliver the results? How will you support your top performers/ customers? And how will you develop your less productive relationships? It’s not about telling either, this is about showing your people how and what you expect?

CONSEQUENCES – I call this, “what if you do & what if you don’t”. It’s really important that you share with people in your organisation what the journey will be like for them if they meet your standards and expectations and the benefits of delivering a shared vision; conversely we don’t spend enough time being honest with people from the outset about not meeting standards and expectations. This doesn’t need to be “tough love” but good old honest support in whatever form you feel fit.

So with a restless curiosity to your staffs adherence to your Standards, Expectations and Consequences combined with a zero tolerance for mediocrity, you will shine above your competitors I promise… which means in turn you build great morale, staff energising each other, growing productivity, strong brand reputation, growing revenue and no reliance on the macroeconomic influences and debt instruments (unless your gearing for growth of course). Only one person that will stop this from being the way you do things… You.

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